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Designing Principles

Canadians are using the internet to investigate everything from health problems to business. The internet comes second only to television in popularity. This means that the days of putting a website together and forgetting it are over. It takes constant monitoring and diligence to ensure that you are providing a great user experience. It is important to re-evaluate your web design structure on an ongoing basis and consider new criteria determined by Google and Bing search engines.

Source: Media Reach – All Ages – Canada. TVB: Numeris RTS Canada

We use the Wordpress content management system (CMS). A number of  themes are considered at the beginning of the development process to determine which theme best suits your needs. We are then able to create code changes that we implement to tailor the theme to your business and add the details that will set your website apart. We have chosen to use Wordpress, in order to cut down the costs to you, which would be much higher if a website is created from the ground up. Wordpress is also a high quality Content Management System that has the end user in mind and makes it easier for us to hand over your website to you so that you can make future edits as needed, without being dependent on us or anyone else.

Wordpress child themes are necessary for every design. This means that we create new files directly into Wordpress that contain the code necessary to make significant changes. Changes include:

  1. Creating new page templates
  2. Changing the header
  3. Changing the footer
  4. Creating design elements
  5. Embedding analytics code

Many designers are dependent on a number of plugins to create changes to the theme design, and to the website page structure. Plugins are great and can provide a lot of functionality to your theme, but they can increase your page loading time.

The child theme gives web designers the opportunity to edit code from the theme without interfering with the original code. A child theme is called before the original theme and the code is placed higher in priority.”


Google and other search engines consider your page loading time when ranking your page in search engine results pages. This means that it is important not be completely plugin dependent, and to modify code as much as possible to reduce the time it takes each for each page to load.

Using the child theme more, and using plugins less can decrease the page loading time, which is an important criteria for Google. It is not uncommon to lose structural or design elements after an update to wordpress or a plugin, if you do not use a child theme. Plugins also take time to load, so the less you have, the better off you are. Child themes are recommended by the wordpress community, and they significantly reduce your need to be too dependent on plugins. This streamlines your website, cuts down on loading time, and ultimately creates stability.

Equally important to your website is the design. Sometimes in a rush to complete a website, design takes a backseat. There are many things to consider when designing a website including content, images, colour palette and easy navigation. You want to be sure that all of the important information is easy to find and laid out in an easy to read manner. It’s important to consider what users like and don’t like about a website design. Here are a few design strategies that rank high on the list of what annoys users….

Website Design Don’ts

  1. Video or audio that starts immediately unprompted by the user.
  2. Animated ads making their way across the screen.
  3. What do you do? It’s not clear what product or service the company offers.
  4. Contact information is hard to find.
  5. You have to squint to read the text.
  6. Do it yourself websites.

Source: Huff/KoMarketing, “B2B Web Usability Report”

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