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Email newsletters can be a good way to stay connected to your client base or to grow your influence among potential prospects. However, it requires a lot of effort with less than stellar returns. The stats on email newsletters can be dismal and hover between an average between 1 to 5% click-through rate. Think about that.


Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey

Time Investment

How much time do you put into research, images, content, and edits to your email newsletter? This is a time-consuming process, so you want a good return on the time invested. The ROI doesn’t always translate directly into dollars. The truth is, your time and money are strongly connected. It’s important to think about how much time is allocated to certain tasks and whether those tasks are paying off. Newsletters do have their place, but they are not the best ‘go-to’ for every brand. For instance, they are a great tool for online stores to share new and incoming products.

Many companies rely heavily on email newsletters, so the playing field is very cluttered. With all of that effort, the engagement, or ROI can be a little disappointing. What if your email newsletter came in a more engaging, interesting package with the potential to reach a much larger audience? This is possible with the Facebook Messenger Chatbot on your Facebook Business Page.


A chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that simulates a conversation with people. You will often find it as part of an e-commerce question-answer funnel. It will break down the details of a product or service you are investigating. This can include the colour, and model of a product. It can also free up employees by engaging users instantly as a help desk on a company website. If the questions become too difficult for the chatbot to answer, it will direct you to the right contact. A lot of detail and thought needs to go into the structure of the chatbot to ensure that it covers all possible anticipated questions.

Marketing Strategy

It isn’t a secret that chatbots, along with virtual and augmented reality are the future of marketing. They are the areas that all companies need to be looking at right now. Marketing industry leaders believe Facebook Messenger Chatbot is the next big marketing tool and has a strong future. Every company should consider it in its present and future marketing strategy arsenal.


The creator of a Chatbot (Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey) expressed concerns about creating chatbots. The main focus was on creating something with the technology that was different, but effective. A lot of thought went into developing a powerful new marketing tool that was effective because of the medium it would be featured on. Combining the chatbot with a popular social media platform created a level of engagement that far exceeds the email newsletter.

In this instance, you are meeting people where they already are, which makes this process much more effective. A central benefit is that users are also likely to receive notifications of new messages (Facebook Chatbot Messages) on their phones. This exposure significantly increases the likelihood that the messages will be viewed. Alternatively, with email newsletters, companies are competing with a lot of noise from other companies using the same method. The Facebook Messenger Chatbot cuts through the noise.


Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey

The Facebook Chatbot can be used as a marketing tool that is similar to an email newsletter. Consider it the future communication tool that may replace or supplement your monthly email newsletter. The difference is that it has more benefits. In terms of return on investment (your time and or money), it comes out ahead by a huge margin. The potential audience is much bigger and engagement rates are higher, A LOT higher. Here are some sobering stats on the differences between email newsletters and the Facebook Messenger Chatbot….

Advantages of the Facebook Messenger Chatbot

  • There are 1.3 billion active users on Facebook Messenger. The potential to reach them is much higher. I can’t say that for an email newsletter. 
  • There is 60% more engagement with the FB Chatbot, in contrast to only 1 to 5% with email newsletters.
  • Facebook Messenger is becoming the preferred choice of connecting and communication for all audiences combined.
  • You can list your Facebook Messenger Chatbot with Facebook to be found by Facebook users.  

Now think about the possibilities! An ongoing communication tool on a platform that people love! What better way to connect? We have integrated our own Facebook messenger Chatbot that delivers daily motivational quotes. Give it a try and see what you think! We offer a Facebook Chatbot Messenger set up service. Click here to check it out…  


Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can immerse you into another world through a headset with glasses.

Augmented reality is an interactive experience with the real world. Perceptual information works in combination with real-world experience. Think about information about a restaurant superimposed on your screen.

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