Canadian Entrepreneur


The Road to Entrepreneurship in Canada

2.7 million Canadians count themselves as self-employed

A new study on entrepreneurship finds Canada has one of the highest levels among the Group of Seven countries

The Canadian Entrepreneur

Wait for it....

Delays gratification and has a stick-with-it personality

Longer Hours

Works on average 5 hours longer than people employed by other companies

It's in the details...

Have a higher likelihood of having a conscientious nature than the general population

Other facts about the Canadian Entrepreneurial Journey

Start early...

The Global Entrepreneur Monitor (GEM) recommends teaching entrepreneurial skills at an early age, as young as kindergarten, while also encouraging more girls/women to consider this career option

Ready, set, go...

The age of starting a business has shifted from the 20’s or 30’s, to the 40’s

It's all good...

Research has found that on average, they tend to be more comfortable with ambiguity than most people and as this suggests, clearly more comfortable with risks

Source: Stats Canada / Global Entrepreneur Monitor

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